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Groomer’s Report - Monday 1/9/23

Good morning skiers! Today looks a bit more promising for some good skiing! Temps dropped into the freezing range which made for some better grooming and much faster skiing than yesterday! Fresh skate on most trails (except for Griz and Mill Hill), and fresh classic on the Meadow Loops, Sprint Loop, and the BCT between Plain and Mt. Springs Lodge. We plan to use the small snowcat on Mill and Griz in the near future to get those trails packed in after the recent wet snowfall. The quad/Ginzu combo doesn't have the pulling power to make the steep climbs on those routes when they are covered in wet snow. It is currently 30 degrees and overcast. A touch of snow overnight.

Snowshoe trails are open and lots are plowed. Trail passes are required and can be purchased online at or in person at Plain Hardware. XC rentals, snowshoe rentals and a full range of XC sales and service is avaliable at Plain Hardware (


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