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Christmas Day Groomer’s Report

Good morning skiers! Santa stopped by early this morning and did a small amount of grooming for skate and classic on the Meadow Loops and the BCT from Plain to Mt. Springs.

I'll just say it's a mixed Santa bag of weather out there right now. It is currently 17 degrees with freezing rain. The overnight low was 16 and yesterday's high was 20. The ungroomed snow and trails have quite a crust over powder. The freshly grooomed trails are already getting a bit icy with the freezing rain.

Reflecting on the season so far, what a great snow season we have had. Thanks to all who have come to ski this year and by doing so, you have supported our youth ski team! They are having a stellar season so far with impressive performances.

I'd also like to thank the many local land owners who allow ski trails to be groomed across their property. Without this great support of the landowners, these trails, and the opportunity they provide to our communities youth would not exist. Many many heartfelt thanks to the generous landowners.

A special mention of the groomers and trail prepers who have provided incredible trails this year. You have no idea how hard they work, usually in the dark, in challenging conditions.

Our young non-profit that provides the team and trails appreciates everyone's support!!!

Merry Christmas to our wonderful community and supporters near and far.

Rob Whitten

Trails Manager

Christie Saugen


Plain Valley Ski Trails is a Washington State registered non-profit

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