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Welcome to the press page of PVST, where you'll find videos, skier profiles and newsletters.


Our newsletters are full of photos and season highlights. 

The 2022–23 Winter Season was the longest season on record for Plain Valley Ski Trails! We opened November 8th and closed April 2nd! That’s nearly five months of awesome skiing! 

News Articles 

Check out new articles about Plain Valley Ski Trails and the Plain Valley Nordic Team!

Plain Valley Ski Trails: breaking down barriers for youth skiing. PLAIN - A local nonprofit, Plain Valley Ski Trails (PVST), works to make skiing more accessible to area youth by helping to remove financial barriers. Read More

Skier Profiles

Get to know a few of the Plain Valley Nordic Team youth.

Buster is a fresh PVNT & LWSC alumni. He now skis for APU in Anchorage, one of the best teams in the country. This winter, he won his first Junior National title. Moreover, he had some impressive results at the senior level that allowed him to secure his spot on the national team. Read more

Dudley, a 12 year old PVNT skier, has been skiing for years but just last season decided to try racing. We talk a lot about how racing is not our only focus and I think Dudley is the perfect example of that.  I remember asking him at practice if he wanted to race at the upcoming Plain Washington Nordic Cup and he said, “Nope, I’m going to ride my snowmobile instead.”  Last fall, I asked Dudley if he thought he would try racing in the winter and to my surprise, he said that he would like to.  It has been a pleasure to watch Dudley step out of his comfort zone, challenge himself, overcome that challenge and be ready for the next challenge, whether that be adventure skiing, skier-cross jumps or a nordic race. Read more

This month we feature Devo skier Amos Parsley. “Famous Amos” is well known in Devo circles as the hard charging 8-year-old who wears a grin while he skis.  Amos is currently a third grader at Alpine Lakes Elementary. Read more

This month we feature Devo skier Nora Kasperski. Nora anchors the girl’s squad in the Devo program. She also likes to snowboard at Stevens Pass and play soccer. Nora is currently in fifth grade at Alpine Lakes Elementary. Read more

Nora Kasperski

This month, we recognize Peter Norby. He has been on the team for a decade now. We often joke that PVNT is the Peter Valley Nordic Team. He has been such an important constant in the team. The group’s energy often functions around his presence. This year has been a bit different. Peter went through difficult challenges, and his absence was hard felt. Read more

Team History

Plain Valley Ski Trails were founded in 2011 and the youth team began in 2014.

Rob Whitten has been sliding around on snow in one form or another since his father taught him to downhill ski when he was 12. He's been hooked on it ever since and like his Father did for him, he loves to share his passion for skiing with others. Read more

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