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Groomer’s Report - Friday 12/2/22

Good morning skiers! All the trails are freshly groomed for skate today, with plenty of fresh classic where needed. The skiing looks amazing today!

Two things of note - today I was able to groom Grizzly Mountain to the top viewpoint for the first time this season. The routes on Grizzly are "one way" trails, to be skated clockwise. They are very steep, so take great care on the descent. From the Beaver Creek Trail, take the Ditch Loop "exit" that is closest to the Chiwawa Loop road crossing. No classic tracks set on this route.

Also for the first time we were able to groom the top loop of Mill Hill. It's steep! Also no classic tracks set on this route.

The firmness of the trail is really good on Meadow Loops and the Sprint Loop! The new PB-100 groomer is really starting to make an impact. Trails will be a bit softer north of Mt. Springs where we have used the lighter snowcat (Favero Snow Rabbit). All in all the trails and grooming look amazing.

We have started packing the "Playground" at Sprint Loop, as well as the Skiercross Drops!

A new beginners practice area is also being groomed, very near the Plain Trailheads.

Low of 14, high of 29, and currently 21 degrees at 10 am. Overcast with light flurries from time to time.

Have fun out there!

Rob W, Rob D, and Josiah, today's groomers.


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