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Groomer’s Report - Monday, 12/13/21

Good morning, skiers! We are just starting our grooming as the storm looks to be done dropping snow. We picked up 3” of new. It is currently 30 degrees with broken clouds. We are grooming in Plain and working our way north to Thousand Trails. We will set classic on the return trip to Plain.

The trails are open EXCEPT for between Mt. Springs and Stonewater. We will evaluate it more today.

Parking is available in Plain and at Thousand Trails. No parking at the mid-way lot at Stonewater, until Tuesday. It is not yet plowed. The location of this lot is moving back to its original location, so not the same as last year.

Snowshoe trails are closed but we are working on them today - more info to come on open date.

Rentals will open at the Old Mill Cafe on Thursday.

Rob, Gus and Pierre, todays groomers.


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