Groomer’s Report - Thursday 12/23/21

Good morning skiers! This morning greeted us with 2“-3” inches of new snow. We have just finished grooming all trails with fresh skate and classic. It was snowing during grooming so some new snow in the classic tracks. The storming is breaking with sun starting to show and the heavy snowfall has transitioned to flurries.

It is currently 23, the low was 20, and yesterdays high was 23. Trails are soft but firm underneath and skiing well this morning.

Snowshoe trails are open but not yet tromped out. Parking lots are open, plowed, and portapotties are in place.

Gabe, Caleb, and Josiah, todays groomer’s.

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Good morning skiers! All the trails are freshly groomed for skate today, with plenty of fresh classic where needed. The skiing looks amazing today! Two things of note - today I was able to groom Gri

 Groomer's Report- Trail Conditions

Groomer's Report

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