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Groomer’s Report - Tuesday 11/29/22

Good morning skiers! The trails and snow coverage keep getting better every day, with 15" of new in the forecast over the next 36 hours.

It looks like our winter season is here to stay, so we have switched to our full in-season grooming and plowing crew.

Groomed this morning for skate are all trails except the Mill Hill Complex, Grizzly Mountain, and Ditch Loop.

Classic tracks were left from yesterday, and we know have the entire system with coverage and at least roller packing on ALL trails! Still thin at Hot Tub Hill and the Hitching Post, in the Mountain Springs area.

Overall, the trails are looking really good!

Snowshoe trails are not open at this time - coming soon!

Buy your trail pass on-line at or in person at Plain Hardware.

Parking lots are plowed! Porta-potties are in place at all trailheads.

Jason, Caleb, Rob D and TJ, today's groomers.

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 Groomer's Report- Trail Conditions

Groomer's Report

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