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Groomers Report - Sunday 1/9/22

We have been grooming daily through this last storm cycle. Today it is groomed for skate and classic on the BCT from Plain to Thousand Trails, including Swamp Creek. Not all trails are open yet.

Best bet will be trails in Plain and north to Swamp Creek

Parking is open and plowed at the Plain Hardware trailhead (Meadow Loop Trailhead).

Parking IS NOT OPEN at the BCT trailhead at Stonewater. It should be open today.

Parking IS NOT OPEN at Clear Creek Trailhead at Thousand Trails. TBD on this lot as it is maintained by Thousand Trails.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Rob, Josiah, Rob and Jason, todays groomers.

 Groomer's Report- Trail Conditions

Groomer's Report

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