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Grooming Report - Wednesday - 2/28/24

Good morning skiers! We have another 3 - 4" of new snow. As of 7:30 AM the temperature is 29F with a low of 28 and yesterday’s high was 36.

We delayed grooming a bit because of the forecasted snow but grooming is in progress on the Meadow Loops, Sprint Loop and the north end trails from Stonewater Loop to Clear Creek Trailhead. Skate and classic will be set. We will post an update when we are done.

Rowdy Coyote, the Mill Hill Complex and the BCT between Mtn. Springs and Stonewater remain closed.

PARKING LOT UPDATE - All lots are back open. The middle of the Meadow Loop Parking lot is soft and muddy but there is solid parking on the north edge against the snow bank. Loop around the ends of the lot to access this edge and avoid the middle.

Grooming in progress by Gus and Caleb.

Have fun out there!

Rob Dilling


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