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Groomer’s Report - Friday 2/10/23

Good morning skiers! Today we took the PB-100 snowcat (aka Hobb's) further north to the far end of the trails system at Clear Creek Lodge/Thousdand Trails. All the side loops were groomed with the Ginzu Groomers. Fresh skate and classic on the BCT as a result. Great skiing out there. I'm headed out to ski the northern trails to see how the snowcat grooming came out. Today's picture is from the BCT north of the Beaver Creek Trailhead. It is lightly snowing this morning with a trace of new. The overnight low was 26, and yesterday's high was 38. It is currently 31 degrees at 9:30 AM.

Snowshoe trails are open and parking lots are plowed. Trail passes are required and can be purchased online at or in person at Plain Hardware. XC ski and snowshoe rentals are also avaliable at

Have fun out there - the trails are really skiing well, skate or classic.

Rob D, Josiah, and Caleb, today's groomers.

Rob Whitten

Trails Manager


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