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Groomer's Report - Monday, 1/22/24

Good morning skiers! We have another snowy morning with 1 - 2 inches of new snow overnight. It is currently snowing lightly and 29 degrees at 8 AM. Yesterday's high was 32 and the overnight low was 26. This morning we have fresh skate and classic on the entire BCT including Swamp Creek, groomed with the PB100 Snowcat. We have fresh skate on Meadow Loop, Sprint Loop, Rowdy Coyote, Mill Hill, Chainsaw Ridge, and Cougar Run. Today's picture is from Meadow Loop. It's looking sweet out there and the snow is firming up with the warmer temps.

We had a great race for the kids yesterday. The kids are the future of our sport, so we are very focused on supporting them. We approach our kids program knowing that sport needs to be first and foremost fun for the kids. This means a focus on play! Secondly, we want to share our love of the outdoors and recreating in nature. And lastly, through the framework of racing and competition, kids learn about setting personal goals, working a plan to reach those goals, but perhaps most importantly, we work on creating a healthy approach to competition, steering the focus onto "did you ski the best race you could today and what can you do better in the future?" and away from a comparative mindset of "he beat me and I'll never be the fastest". The most successful people in life are not the smartest or fastest. If you raced the best race you possibly could that is a win!

I still like to recognize outstanding performances, and we had many at the race. The following PVNT skiers had podium finishes (finished first through third): Lilly Stay, Audrey Hergert, Caleb Stay, Juliahna Tiegel, Esme Michels, Luella Michels, Xavier Koch, Carter Lisherness, Finn Worden, Alex Shestakov, Jedidiah Stay, Aidan Samson, Cyan Worden, Caroline Menna, Adeline Loewen, Avery Houghton, Olaf Saugen, Kian Reid, Michah Saugen, and Quinten Koch. Teams from around the Northwest participated, with 142 total skiers between the ages of 7 and 18 racing.

As you may know, trail pass sales help to fund the youth program. Thanks for your support!

Today's groomers were myself and Jason.

Have fun out there!

Rob Whitten

Trails Manager


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