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Groomer’s Report - Monday 1/8/24

Good morning skiers! This morning you should get out and enjoy some firm and fast trails! By tomorrow we'll have a few inches of new and things will be soft and slow! This morning we have fresh skate grooming on most trails. Classic was left from yesterday. The tracks are in good shape and gliding fast. It is currently snowing lightly with just a trace on the ground. The current temp at 9 AM is 26 degrees. The overnight low was 18 and yesterday's high was 38.

Yesterday Jessie Diggins won the Tour de Ski, and US skier Sofia Laukli won the final leg of the Tour, her best World Cup finish ever. Read and see picture here:

Trail passes are required and can be purchased at Plain Hardware or online at Please make sure your pass is showing on the trails or if you purchased online, that you have your ticket on your phone.

XC ski and snowshoe rentals are avaliable at Plain Hardware. They also offer hot waxing and a full XC retail shop.

Jason and Rob W were today's groomers.

Have fun out there!

Rob Whitten

Plain Hardware


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