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Groomer’s Report - Monday 2/19/24

Good morning skiers! First off, CONGRATS to the Plain Valley Nordic Team who have qualified 13 skiers to U.S. Junior Nationals at Lake Placid in March! Earning spots on the Pacific Northwest team were: Quinten Koch, Silas D'Atre, Kirsten Jarmin, Isabel Menna, Kian Reid, Micha Saugen, Olaf Saugen, Tarin Worden, Kolston Breaux, Caroline Menna, Adeline Loewe, Avery Houghton, and Annika Peterson.

Their accomplishments represent years of training, hard work, and dedication to their sport. Training starts in early May and the last race of the year is mid-March. Running, gym work, roller skiing, and more go into preparing for qualification races held around the Northwest. They have become some of the best skiers in the US.

Some of our skiers need help with the expense of attending US Junior Nationals. Here's how you can help them achieve their goals:

Grooming was completed last night at 10:30 PM. We have fresh skate and classic south of Hot Tub Hill (Mt. Springs) set with the PB100 snowcat. The Mill Hill complex did not see fresh grooming. North of Mt. Springs, we have set fresh skate with the Ginzu groomer. We had a low of 30 degrees so things are set up nicely this morning. Once again, the best/firmest skiing will be this morning, with things getting softer as the day warms up. It is currently snowing lightly, a trace of new, and 30 degrees at 8 AM.

Jason and myself were last nights groomers.

Have fun out there!

Rob Whitten

Trails Manager


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