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Groomer’s Report - Monday 2/6/23

Good morning skiers! Don't believe your thermometer! There's actually some really great skiing out there! We have set fresh skate on most trails, and a ton of fresh classic. Today I worked with the SnowRabbit Snowcat and set fresh classic from Stonewater Gym Loop, north to Swamp Creek, including Shotgun Meadow. Jason was down south and set fresh classic on the Meadow Loops, Sprint Loop, and the BCT between Meadow Loops Trailhead and Mt. Springs Lodge. The snow is surprisingly solid so you should have very good skiing today, skate or classic. Today's picture is from the BCT north of Stonewater Ranch.

Our Plain Valley Nordic Team skiers have returned safely from the weekends races in Winthrop. We sent over 30 athletes for the two day race event, the 3rd Junior National Qualifier (aka JNQ) of the season. Skiers earn points based on finish order, and the skiers with the most points at the end of the JNQ series get invited to Junior Nationals, where the best skiers in the nation will come together to compete (held this year in Alaska). Our skiers earned too many podium finishes to mention here, but a huge shout out to Jed, Kolston, Silas, Quinten, Addy, Caroline, Victor, Peter, Kian, Fin, Esme, Luella, Julianna, and Kyler for some outstanding finishes. And congrats to all of our athletes for taking on the challenge of racing and their great results this weekend. These skiers continue to represent our community in the best ways.

Trail passes are required and can be purchased online at or in person at Plain Hardware. Snowshoe trails are open and parking lots are plowed.

Today's groomers were Jason, Gus, and myself.

Have fun out there! It's better than you can imagine!

Rob Whitten

Trails Manager


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