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Groomer’s Report - Saturday 3/11/23

Good morning skiers! As of 8:45 AM the temp is 33 degrees with clear skies! The low was 27 and yesterday's high was 42. The slightly cooler temps helped grooming with the PB 100 which we used to lay new skate and classic in the Meadow Trails, Sprint Loop and Mill Hill Upper. It should be very nice skiing first thing this morning, but get it before the sun softens it to much. Up valley we Ginzu groomed all the skate lanes and set new track on a few of the side trails.

Today's sunny picture is from the Sprint Loop!

TRAIL RE-ROUTE - BEAVER CREEK TRAIL AT MT. SPRINGS - Each spring the Yakima Indians plant fish in a pond just north of Hot Tub Hill. To get to the pond with their large truck they have to plow the ski trail down to dirt in that area. As horse sleigh rides are done for the year, we have permission to route the trail over the horse bridge, connecting back to the BCT just past the Hitching Post area. We were able to put a little more snow on the road crossing last night so that should be skiable today.

TRAIL CLOSURE - SOUTH SIDE GRIZZLY MOUNTAIN - We have a growing melt out on the south side so we have decided to close that side. You can still ski to the summit viewpoint from the north side trail (original route).

Still great skiing out there, get it while it lasts and enjoy the sunshine!

Today's groomers were Jason, Gus, and Rob D.

Happy Skiing!

Rob D


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