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Groomer’s Report - Sunday 12/27/20

Morning skiers! Trails are groomed and ready for fun!

NEW today is that we have opened the trails through Mt. Springs Lodge are so the entirety of the Beaver Creek Trail is open. WARNING however at Hot Tub Hill is icy and rough. Consider walking this 50’ section.

Skate looks awesome. Classic was left from yesterday and is rough in sections.

Snowshoe trails are closed and need more snow to open.

Trail passes are required and are available on-line at or at Plain Hardware or the Old Mill Cafe. Rentals are available at the Old Mill Cafe next to Plain Hardware in downtown Plain.

Have fun out there! It’s lightly snowing and 25 degrees.

Rob and Jason, today’s groomer’s.

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 Groomer's Report- Trail Conditions

Groomer's Report

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