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Groomer’s Report - Thursday 2/2/23

Good morning skiers! Today we have another chilly morning with 15 degrees at 10 AM. The low was 9 and yesterday's high was 30. Today we have mostly sunny skies with some haze and no new snow. We have fresh skate and classic set this morning on the Meadow Loop trails, Sprint Loop, and the BCT between the Plain trailhead and Mt. Springs, set with the PB100 snowcat. We have also taken the PB100 up Mill Hill but not to the top. Skate only on that route. Today's picture is from the Meadow Loop Trailhead looking north towards Mt. Springs Lodge. The trails north of Mt. Springs have fresh skate set with our Ginzu Groomers and classic was left from Saturday. Classic has been really fun for me as it is skiing so fast.

WARNING - Parking lots are icy so be very careful.

Trail passes are required and can be purchased on-line at or in person at Plain Hardware. XC ski and snowshoe rentals are avaliable at Plain Hardware . They also have a full line of XC ski gear (skis, boots, poles, gloves, and wax).

Interested in demo'ing some skin skis? Plain Hardware has a small fleet that you can try out for free. They are a big step up from your parent's old fish scales! They put the fun into classic skiing!!!

Caleb, Rob, and Gus were today's groomers.

Have fun out there! My choice today will be classic on the trails groomed around Plain.

Rob Whitten

Trails Mnager

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Groomer's Report

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