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Groomer’s Report - Thursday 2/9/23

Good morning skiers! What an incredible day it was yesterday! Today is going to be even better! For the first time we took the PB-100 snowcat north past Mt. Springs and looped back at Swamp Creek. We hope this improves the quality of the skiing in this area one term, as the big cat is really good at leveling the trail and filling tree wells. Go check it out! Rob D and I are going to go ski it right now to see how things came out. Lots of fresh grooming today for both classic and skate. It is currently 32 degrees, the low was 28, and yesterday's high was 37. No new snow.

Today's pic was ... from yesterday. Sprint Loop. The grooming will look the same, just less sunshine today!

Have fun out there! Trail passes are avaliable online at or in person at Plain Hardware.

Rob Whitten

Trails Manager


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