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Groomer’s Report - Thursday 3/23/23

Good morning skiers! As of 8:30 AM the temp is 38 F degrees under broken clouds. Yesterdays high was 57 F and the low was 28 F.

Fresh classic and skate today on Meadow Loops, Sprint Loop, the BCT between Plain and Mt. Springs accessed from the Meadow Loop Trailhead. From the Beaver Creek Trailhead, trails are groomed between Stonewater Ranch and Swamp Creek Loop.

We completed grooming yesterday evening when the trails were still soft and things set up nicely. I skated the meadow this morning and the skiing was firm and fast but you could still get an edge. If you like it a little softer just wait bit. Well worth going out!

Today's photo is from the top of the Meadow Loop. You can't see the corduroy well but it is there!

Josiah and Rob D, today's groomers.

Have fun out there!

Rob Dilling

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