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Grooming Report - Tuesday - 2/27/24

Good morning skiers! We have another inch of new snow today freshening up the trails! As of 8:00 AM the temperature is 27F with a low of 24 and yesterday’s high was 37.

We have fresh Ginzu groomed skate and classic on the south-end trails between Meadow Loop Trailhead and Mt. Springs Lodge, including Sprint loop. The Meadow Loop parking remains closed, parking available at Plain Hardware.

In the north, there is fresh Ginzu groomed skate and classic from Clear Creek Trailhead down through Stonewater loop. Due to thin conditions and melt outs on hot tub hill and through the hitching post we are not grooming between Mountain Springs and Stonewater. Grizzly mountain was groomed for skate. We have closed the normal Grizzly climb due to thin conditions. The trail now skis with two way traffic up and down the normal descent.

Rowdy Coyote and the Mill Hill complex have numerous melt outs. The new snow we have received is not enough to adequately cover these spots. These trails closed for the time being.

Skating was looking really nice on the meadow loops!

PARKING LOT CLOSURE – MEADOW LOOP TRAILHEAD: The parking lot at the Meadow Loop Trail Head is in rough/muddy shape and is currently closed. Parking is available at Plain Hardware for the Meadow Loops. The access trail across the street is groomed. It is thin for the first couple hundred feet through the trees. You may want to walk that section.

TRAILHEAD CLOSURE - BEAVER CREEK TRAILHEAD AND PARKING: With the colder temps we are looking into re-opening this parking lot. It is still closed at the time of this report but we will post and update if it opens up. Use Clear Creek as an alternative.

In general, good coverage in the open meadow/field areas, but thin spots do exist, under trees hidden by the new snow in many cases. Ski with caution.

Grooming last night by Jason and Caleb.

Have fun out there!

Rob Dilling


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