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US Junior Nordic Championship Results from Monday

The Plain Valley Nordic Team kicked off the first day of racing with some great results! In U16 Girls, Caroline Menna placed 5th. In U16 Boys, Kian Reid placed 15th. In U18 Boys, Silas D'Atre placed 10th.

This was the distance skate race, individual start.

The weather was cold, snowy, blustery, drifting, and then a bit of sun. Temps hovered in the low to mid 20's. Today is a rest day and a chance to preview the course for the next races on Wednesday, the Classic Sprint race.

If you are following along on results here's the link:

They lump the U18 and U20's together, so to get results of either is a bit difficult.

Pics from Monday:

Racer # 321 is Olaf Saugen, U16. You can see there in not much if any grooming showing and the snow is drifting rapidly.

Go team!!!

Let me know if you have any questions!


Rob Whitten

Trails Manager


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