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Groomer’s Report - Friday 1/20/23

Good morning skiers! I'm still smiling from yesterday as the sunshine and the grooming was incredible! Today looks to be a repeat. It is currently 21 degrees at 9 AM. The low was 16 and yesterdays high was 44. In spite of the warm afternoon the trails stayed very frozen all day. Today will be the same. It's the best skiing conditions of the year! Fresh skate and classic grooming today on most trails.

Today we have 15 PVNT youth racers racing at Soldier Hollow near Park City, Utah. Today is the skate sprint and you can follow the results at

This race is one of the races they attend as they work towards qualifying for Junior Nationals held in mid-March. A sprint race means are placed into a bracket (think NCAA basketball) where they have to place first or second in their race to move forward to the next race.

Have a great day!

Rob W

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