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Groomer’s Report - Friday 1/27/23

Good morning skiers! We are having some interesting temperature extremes but are making the best of it. A 8:30 AM the skies are clear with a temperature of 41. The overnight low was 31 and yesterday's high was 54! Fresh skate on most trails. The Meadow trails have fresh classic as does Sprint Loop. There is also fresh classis in areas of the mid section (see photo below). It was wet when we started grooming and the temperatures dropped early this morning as it cleared off. The skate lanes have set up very firm in most places. If you like if firm and fast come early otherwise wait for it to soften a bit. The hilly trails that we groom with the Grizzly's were to icy for the machines to climb. These trails should be avoided until they soften later in the day. Parking areas are icy, consider wearing cleats and use extra caution getting to and from the trails.

Today's picture is from this morning on the BCT just above Stonewater.

Snowshoe trails are open and parking lots are plowed. XC ski and snowshoe rentals are availabe at Plain Hardware. Trail passes can be purchased online at or in person at Plain Hardware.

Today's groomers were Rob D, Gus, and Caleb.

Happy skiing!

Rob Dilling


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