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Groomer’s Report - Friday 2/25/22 - Edit - Swamp Creek is open, Ditch Loop is closed.

This shot from Beaver Creek Trailhead show its sunny, cold, and crunch snow! After a low of 9 last night it is currently 19 degrees at 10 am.

Fresh skate grooming last night and classic was left from yesterday. Skate will be very good with a mid-winter type snow. Classic has good and bad sections.

A warm February has left a few trails thin on snow. Closed are Mill Hill, Swamp Creek and the south side of Grizzly Mountain. Lots of great skiing remains.

Tomorrow our Tour de Plain XC Race series resumes with a 9 km classic technique race. You can race on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday! We will do our best to set fresh classic tracks tonight. This is a QR code self timed event. Get more info at

Snowshoe trails are closed for the season.

Rob, Caleb, and Gus, today’s groomers.

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 Groomer's Report- Trail Conditions

Groomer's Report

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