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Groomer’s Report - Monday, 3/14/22

Trails are CLOSED for the season. A huge thank you to the landowners who have graciously allowed us to use their property! Ticket sales are the primary source of funding for our youth ski team, and they had a great year and achieved so much. We sent 11 athletes to Junior Nationals and had multiple top 10 finishes (All Americans). This past winter we had our largest team ever with 122 served.

As we have removed all of our safety signage, please DO NOT USE THE TRAILS.

Thanks also to you, our guests, who have supported us with ticket purchases, and helped to build community here in Plain on our community supported non-profit trail system.


Trails Manager

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Michele V
Michele V
Mar 14, 2022

Thank you to all the landowners who make their properties available for the amazing trail system. Thank you groomers for your many hours of work. And thank you Rob for seeing your vision through and growing a ski community and outdoor culture. Thank you Pierre, Christie, Anne and all the volunteers who make the youth program possible! Way to go Plain Valley Ski Team!

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100% of Ski Trails net proceeds support the PVNT youth ski team

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