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Groomer’s Report - Saturday 1/21/23

Good morning skiers! Trails have been amazing this week and today is no different. The snow is cold and holding perfectly day to day thanks to the colder overnight temps. Last night we had a low of 16, a high of 43, and it is currently 22 degrees at 9:30 AM. No new snow overnight but we do have light snow forecasted for today (perhaps 1" of new). I skated from the Beaver Creek Trailhead early this morning before work and it is firm and fast, with a perfectly roughed up surface (Ginzu Groomer). Fresh skate on most trails and classic has been left from yesterday. The PB 100 groomed the Meadow Loops, Sprint Loop, and the BCT from Plain to Mt. Springs Lodge.

Out Plain Valley Nordic Team athletes had a breakout performance yesterday at Soldier Hollow! The best skiers from the western states are there so it's a very high level race held on the course built for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics (that means challenging). In U16 Girls PVNT took 4th and 6th and for U16 Boys we took 3rd and 5th. They are racing again today in a distance classic race, starting at 10:25 am. You can follow along here:

TRAIL CLOSURE NOTICE - TODAY, SATURDAY 1/21/23 - Mt. Springs Lodge is having an outdoor wedding today on the trail. The Beaver Creek Trail will be CLOSED at Mt. Springs Lodge at 2:50 PM until 3:34 PM. A DETOUR is avalaible via Mill Hill which will take you to the top of Hot Tub Hill and bring you along the Low Road of Mill Hill, and returns you to the Meadow Loop. The trail is rated intermediate for the Low Road section and has some short hills that can be challenging.

Have fun out there!!!

Rob W

Trails Manager


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