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Groomer’s Report - Tuesday 11/15/22

Good morning skiers! The Plain Loops and the Sprint Loop have been groomed this morning for skate. They are looking good with a few tufts of grass here and there. Classic tracks are left from yesterday have some grass spots on occasion. Skating is the best of the two. When crossing onto the Sprint Loop, a bit of roadbed has melted out and is exposed.

The trails between Stonewater Ranch and Swamp Creek were last groomed on Sunday. They are skating well. Watch for a melted out driveway crossing. Classic is set as well but is a mixed bag of conditions. Parking for this lot is moved one driveway north, and is signed at the road.

It was 26 degrees at 9 AM today. We have a fog layer blocking the sun. The overnight low was 24, and yesterday’s high was 30.

Trail passes are required and they can be purchased on-line at or at Plain Hardware.

Snowshoe trails are closed at this time until we have more snow.

Do your snow dances - we need a bit more, but still great to be skiing so early!

Rob W - today’s groomer

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