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Groomer’s Report - Tuesday 3/9/21

Good morning skiers! We opened trails this season on November 20th and we are still going strong in March! Coming up on 4 months of being open this winter! There is fresh classic and skate this morning, and the skiing has been fantastic! The best skiing is from Clear Creek Trailhead or the Beaver Creek Trailhead. It was very fun and fast this morning, and it will soften with the spring sunshine. Beaver Creek Parking is getting very mushy later in the day. Clear Creek Parking is in good shape as is Meadow Loop Parking. Snowshoe trails are closed for the season. The Beaver Creek Trail is open, but a section at Mt Springs Lodge is closed due to melt out.

Rob and Caleb, today’s groomer’s.

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Unfortunately, we have made the decition to CLOSE the trails until conditions improve. It is a little to thin, soft and wet out there and it looks like more rain tomorrow. Do your snow dance and hopef

Good morning skiers! As of 8:15 AM the temp is 32 degrees with light rain. No new snow over night. Due to soft conditions and our thin base we did not groom this morning. Most trails were last groomed

 Groomer's Report- Trail Conditions

Groomer's Report

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