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Groomer’s Report - Wednesday 12/22/21

Good morning skiers! Sorry for the late report but we have had our hands full grooming out last nights storm. It looks like we are done with the snow for now! We have picked up between 6-8” of new snow last night. All trails are groomed for skate. Due to the heavy snowfall this morning, we waited until 9 am to groom classic, but only on the Meadow Loops in Plain. Grizzly Mountain got multiple passes with the roller packer, including to the summit and down the back side. Try it out for a serious skate adventure. Mill Hill is getting roller packed now, and Cougar Run and Chainsaw Ridge are also roller packed, and swing their best snow coverage in years! Ditch Loop remains closed due to tree fall.

Snowshoe trails are open.

All parking lots are plowed and open!

Rob, Caleb, Josiah, and Gabe,?todays groomers.

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 Groomer's Report- Trail Conditions

Groomer's Report

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